Roger Hirst pledges transparent decision making over policing in Essex

Giving people a full say in the future of Essex policing is critical to a sustainable force says Conservative Candidate for Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, Cllr. Roger Hirst.

With less than 50 days until residents go to the polls to elect the second PCC of the county, Roger Hirst has unveiled one of the key planks to his manifesto. He has also pledged to ensure that every public asset is used to its full potential in order to deliver a first class police service in Essex.

Breaking down barriers between public institutions will be one of Roger's top aims. This will mean that public buildings such as libraries, fire stations and council premises that all have public access, and where there is no current police station, can be utilised to ensure people have the opportunity to speak to police officers and staff in confidence and confidentially.

Roger Hirst said: “I want to ensure everyone in Essex has a say about the big decisions and I will ensure proper consultations on big ticket items are held right across this great county so all residents, including young people have a chance to make their views known on subjects such as the budget for the police force, local policing and services provided before any formal decision is taken. While the PCC is elected to make strategic decisions on the running of the force, it is important that when it comes to issues such as counter services that people have the chance to voice their views. The police force belongs to all of us, and I intend to make sure they are accountable.”

The announcement sets Hirst apart from his rivals and is the first to deliver a public pledge on how he would run Essex Police, if elected, along with the Chief Constable.

He continued: “We all hold the police in high regard and I want to ensure the people of Essex feel they have a real say on the shape of the force in the coming years. It is also important for all of our dedicated officers and staff that they know they are totally respected by the people and full, open and transparent consultations will be key to this happening.”

Roger Hirst has been taking his case to the electorate and has so far travelled to all parts of Essex both door to door and in public meetings. So far the reaction has been very positive.