About Roger Hirst

Roger Hirst was a Cabinet Member for Essex County Council, and Deputy Leader of Brentwood Borough Council, until he stood down to focus on the PCC campaign. He has over thirty years experience as a leading financial analyst in the City, having run the European investment research divisions of a major UK European and a US international banks. Experience specifically relevant to the role of PCC includes:

  • Lead Member for Essex County’s Safer Communities Strategy;  
  • Successful track-record on dealing with Gypsy and Traveller issues together with the Police and local partners;
  • Effective political campaigner with the skills to help the Police communicate better with communities and local government leaders;
  • Significant business experience playing a critical role in running and shaping a major client-facing organisation.


Roger says: 

"This knowledge will, I believe, enable me to help the Police prioritise and manage the demands on their resources, and lead to more effective and efficient policing in Essex. 

With continuing pressure on public sector finances, the Police will need to perform, and deliver more with less over the next few years. I enjoy a proven talent for effective organisation: I have helped deliver substantial efficiency savings in the last six years in the public sector. In the private sector I have transformed organisations for the better. Innovative thinking, leadership and ability to inspire are the three qualities I would bring to the role of PCC.

For me, safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build success and prosperity.

Good policing means our residents feel secure and safe in their homes and on Essex streets."