My Plan for a Safer Essex

  • More local, visible & accessible policing

    • Ensure the police are there when you need them. Deliver effective response and follow up all reasonable lines of enquiry.

  • Drive down anti-social behaviour & crime

    • More hotspot policing and monitoring known offenders to prevent crime, including in our rural areas.

  • Beat knife crime and drug gangs and protect young people

    • Take drugs and weapons off our streets and help young people get out of gangs.

  • Protect women and girls from violence and domestic abuse

    • Invest in safer streets and bring more perpetrators to justice.

  • Ensure vulnerable people are protected

    • More Safe & Well visits, and Community Safety Officers to identify risks and help people stay safe.

  • Improve road safety and reduce road death in Essex to Zero

    • Tackle speeding and drink and drug driving. Better tech, better education, and better enforcement.

  • Fire & Rescue Service Reform

    • Modernising the Fire & Rescue Service to reduce risk and keep more people safe.


For me, safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build prosperity and wellbeing for everyone.