Roger Hirst and Immigration Minister discuss better controls on people smuggling

Essex's ports are a target for people trafficking, and ensuring tighter controls are enforced to prevent illegal immigration to the UK and stamping out people smuggling were high on the agenda when Conservative Candidate for Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst, met with Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire MP. The Minister was on a private visit to Essex to help support Roger's campaign and met with local residents in the south of the county as well as discussing Conservative immigration enforcement.

Roger passionately believes in stamping out the appalling trade of people trafficking and has made this one of the main planks of his campaign. Conservative measures to police those exploiting illegal migrants through controlling their access to housing, work and cash will have a big impact in restricting this crime.

Speaking after meeting the Immigration Minister, Roger said: "I am delighted that James came to support my campaign and I was also heartened to hear just how much we are doing in Government to tighten up Border controls. I hope UK residents who return from overseas whether by air, rail or plane see just how stringent we are at checking people back into the country. Quite rightly through overseas aid work from the UK we are supporting the victims of war and conflict in their own countries, and we must also accommodate legitimate asylum seekers here. It is heart-breaking to see so many people living in such terrible conditions. But those who come here illegally also often end up living in poverty and misery, and we need to tighten up on those who exploit their desperation.

"I believe that by these tighter controls we will start to stamp out the sickening trade of people trafficking, particularly young people who are virtually enslaved. This is a crime against our own humanity and as the PCC for Essex I would ensure this will be kept high on the Government agenda."