Tackling Knife Crime is one of the top priorities for Roger Hirst

Ensuring public safety and reducing the threat of knife crime are among the top issues that Roger Hirst, Conservative Candidate for the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, is pledging to the public as part of his action plan to reducing the fear of crime.

Knife crime and anti-social behaviour are major concerns of many residents and the growing gang culture in some parts of the country is a real fear. Roger has already backed regular knife amnesties to ensure people can give up potential weapons and remove them from the streets.

He also backs youth education on the issue and to let people know that by carrying a knife can be life threatening to them as well as others. It is part of a cycle of crime that Roger is determined to stamp out. 

Roger Hirst said: “I know that knife crime is a growing fear of local people and while Essex remains a very safe county we do hear of isolated incidents on a more frequent basis. I want to stop this and I will be tough on ensuring we remove knives and other weapons from the streets. Such dangerous crimes can find their origins in Anti-Social Behaviour and I will focus resources and energy on working with communities to tackle this worrying aspect of many people’s lives.”

Roger regularly meets with the public as he travels around Essex and he also consults widely with Councillor colleagues to hear what is happening on the streets in each of their patches. Roger intends to build on this network which keeps him well connected with what people are thinking and act on their concerns.