Roger Hirst pledges to safeguard the number of Police on Patrol

‘There will be no cuts to police numbers’ is a firm promise by the Conservative Candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst.

Roger has pledged that the number of Police on Patrol will not be reduced during his term of office and he will produce a Police and Crime Plan for 2017/18 that guarantees that the number of fully warranted police officers, who protect public safety across Essex will be maintained and not fall. He is also pledged to double the size of the Special Constabulary and to have a ‘Special’ in every village cross the county. 

Roger Hirst said: “It is vital that the public feel safe and the ability to contact police and their visibility is critical to my campaign. By ensuring that there is adequate neighbourhood policing, and boosting the Special Constabulary I will strike a balance between increased detective capacity to investigate some of the most serious crimes with the need to keep local communities safe and effectively tackle the causes of crime.”

The Essex Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the budgets for the Force in Essex and while the role does not have operational responsibilities it is critical that the PCC ensures the Chief Constable has the right resources to prevent and tackle crime. 

Roger continued: “As your Police and Crime Commissioner I promise to make sure that Essex is safe and the prevention of crime becomes a key part of my tenure. By engaging with residents and recruiting more special constables who are seen as pillars of their communities we will have a Force in Essex that will be envied by the rest of the country.”