Roger Hirst launches his campaign to become the next Essex PCC

Five key priorities for a stronger and safer Essex are at the heart of the manifesto for Roger Hirst the Conservative Candidate for the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Having been selected last year for the nomination Roger has been touring the length and breadth of Essex to meet local people, police officers and business and charity organisations to listen to their views and to outline his five-point plan to build a stronger and safer community.

The five priorities are:

  1. Being tough on Anti-Social Behaviour and reducing the disruption and distress it causes
  2. Reversing the worrying increase in serious violence
  3. Zero tolerance for domestic violence and its impact on families
  4. Eradicating organised crime and people trafficking
  5. Making our Police more local, visible and accessible


Roger Hirst, said: “For me, safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build success and prosperity. Effective local policing keeps our communities safe by preventing crime, and I pledge to the people of Essex that I will work tirelessly to ensure our great county remains one of the safest in the country. We will place a special constable in every community. We will tackle those areas which are causing people the greatest concerns such as domestic abuse and street violence. I am also committed to preventing the horrific crime of people trafficking. My five-point plan has been set after meeting many people across Essex and reflects the views of residents and I ask voters to support me on May 5th to help deliver these promises.” 

Home Secretary Theresa May commented: “Electing the right PCC in May is vital to people making sure their policing priorities are heard. Nationally, the Conservative Government has protected overall police spending for the next four years and reformed policing to make forces more accountable, effective and better value for money for local taxpayers. This means every force will have the resources and powers they need to keep on cutting crime. Vote Conservative for a PCC who will work effectively with the Government to ensure your police force uses those resources and takes the right steps to deliver lowerlevels of crime and safer communities.”